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How Commercial Window Films Are Better Than Exterior Shades

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It is essential to protect the occupants of a building from glare, excessive heat from the sun, and the effects that sunlight has on fading fabrics and furniture. This will not only improve the well-being of your employees, but will also reduce cooling costs. The two most common tools used to block sunlight are commercial window films and exterior shade systems.

Differences in Design

An exterior shade system consists of a structure that hangs over the edge of the building. The goal of the exterior shade system is to block sunlight from entering. In contrast, a commercial window film is a material placed over the window that does not completely block sunlight. Instead, it filters out harmful rays and reduces how much sunlight penetrates.

Effects on the Appearance of the Building

The exterior shade system affects the appearance of the building. For this reason, you'll want to choose a structure that is aesthetic and fits with the rest of the building. For example, if your building has a color, the exterior shade system should have a color that matches. This is a hassle and it's much easier to choose a commercial window film that does not affect the aesthetics of the building.

The View

To reduce heat from entering the building, you must close the blinds or fins. However, to stop sunlight from entering when you have a commercial window film, you don't have to do anything. You also don't have to worry about the film obstructing your view. 


Exterior shade systems have a much higher cost and also cost more money to maintain. They are more difficult to install. With commercial window films, you will install them on the inside of the window. This allows you to avoid the risk of having to use a crane or scaffold to install the exterior shade system, which is more dangerous and expensive.

Winter Heating Costs

Exterior shade systems don't help reduce heating costs because they deflect sunlight. Commercial window films can still allow sunlight in, which is useful when you're trying to keep your property warmer. 

Cleaning and Aesthetics

The exterior shade system will not look very aesthetic as it becomes dirty. It will need to be cleaned or it will become stained by pollution and rain. Because the commercial window film is on the inside, it is easy to clean and will not attract the same amount of filth.

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