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Know The Signs: How To Tell When Sash Windows Need Repairs

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If you're like most people, you know the common signs that show a need for window repairs. For instance, you know that your windows need repairs when you see any sign of broken glass. You also know to call for repairs when your windows won't open or close without a struggle. But, there might be some signs that you miss. Unfortunately, if you miss those signs, your windows won't function properly. Not only that, but there could be an increased risk for accidents and injuries. To help you out, read the list provided below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, it's time to schedule window repairs. 

The Glazing Bead Is Damaged

Take a look at your windows. Pay close attention to the trim that holds the glass in place. This trim is the glazing bead. The glazing bead goes on the window once the glass is in the frame. You can remove the glazing bead for window repairs. But, when windows aren't being repaired, the glazing bead should stay in place. If your glazing beads look damaged or loose, it's time to call for repairs. Problems with the glazing beads could cause the glass to fall out of the window frames. 

The Window Won't Stay Open

If you struggle to open your windows, you know that you need to call for repairs. But, did you know that you should also call for repairs if your windows won't stay open? If your windows won't stay open, there's a good chance that your window frames are worn out. If that's the case, they need to be repaired or replaced right away. That's because your windows could slide closed on someone's fingers. Or, the windows could slam shut, causing the glass to shatter. To avoid both types of accidents, call for repairs as soon as you can. 

The Wood Frame Is Rotting

If you have wood window frames, now's a good time for an inspection. This is especially true now that the cold weather has passed. Winter weather can wreak havoc on wood window frames. In fact, the cold moisture can lead to wood rot. Luckily, wood rot can be repaired if it's caught soon enough. If you see any signs of wood rot on your sash window frames, it's time to schedule repairs. Without prompt repairs, you may need to replace your windows instead. Unfortunately, window replacement can be a costly project. 

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