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Want To Install Your Own Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure? Questions To Ask Before You Start

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If you're going to invest in a new shower enclosure, you need to think about the installation. There are a lot of home improvement projects you can handle on your own. But, frameless glass shower enclosures should get handled on a professional basis. Before you install your own shower enclosure, read the list provided below. Here are four questions to ask yourself before you start the project.  

Will It Be a Good Fit?

If you want to install your own frameless glass shower enclosure, your first question should concern the fit. Without the right fit, your glass shower enclosure can leak. A poor fit can also increase the risk of mold and soap scum buildup. But, a poor fit can also increase the risk of collapse. If your frameless shower enclosure gets installed wrong, the panels could come loose. That's where professional installation comes into the picture. If you can't ensure a good fit, have your frameless shower enclosure installed by a professional.

Will There Be Enough Slope?

If you're going to install your own frameless shower enclosure, you need to ask yourself about the slope. You might not realize it, but the slope is an important part of the installation process. Without the right slope, your shower won't drain properly. Not only that, water can flow out into the bathroom area, increasing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Improper slope also increases the risk of bathroom flooding. Not sure how to get the right slope for your shower enclosure? Choose professional installation services. 

Is There a Risk for Injuries? 

If you want to tackle your frameless shower enclosure installation as a DIY project, it's time to consider potential injuries. Frameless shower doors are made from tempered glass. That makes them a safer option for the bathroom. But, tempered glass can still break. This is especially true if the doors get dropped. If you don't use the right tools during installation, you could break the glass. If that happens, you could sustain serious injuries. Don't have the right tools and experience? Hire a professional installation crew for your frameless glass shower enclosure. 

Is There Room in the Budget? 

If you plan to install your own glass shower enclosure, ask yourself about the budget. You never know when issues are going to arise during a DIY installation. If the glass breaks or the fit isn't right, you'll need to replace the glass enclosure. You can avoid the added costs. You can have your frameless glass shower enclosure professionally installed.

Contact a local frameless glass shower enclosure installation service to learn more.