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A Quick Look At What's Involved In Residential Window Glass Repair

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If a window on your home is cracked or chipped due to a flying rock, hail, or errant ball, you'll probably want repairs done right away. If the damage is small, you might repair it with a DIY glass repair kit. For the best results, it's better to call a residential window glass repair company. They can repair the glass or replace it as needed. Here's why you should have repairs done as soon as you can and what the residential window glass repair company may need to do. 

Why Repair Damaged Window Glass

A crack or chip in glass can spread, and that makes the damage worse, and it may cost more to repair. A sudden shift in outdoor temperature or something else hitting the glass could cause the crack to expand or the glass to fall from the frame. For these reasons, getting repairs done promptly is usually the best thing to do. You can call a window glass repair professional to come to your home, so getting repairs done is convenient.

How A Crack Or Chip Is Repaired

The window glass repair professional needs to determine if repairs are a good idea when glass is damaged. Some things they consider are the size of the damage and where the damage is located. If the crack is near the frame or very long, the glass might still be unstable even after it's repaired.

If repairs are possible, the repair professional will start by cleaning the glass and letting it dry thoroughly. Then they apply an epoxy filler to the chip or cracks. The filler goes inside the crack or chip and hardens so the pieces are held together. This keeps the damage from spreading and keeps the glass stable.

Once the epoxy has cured, the excess on top of the glass can be sliced off with a razor. The repair professional may finish by polishing the glass to help reduce the appearance of the repairs. They may also clean the glass to get rid of any debris and fingerprints they created.

Epoxy is transparent, but it might still be noticeable in the repaired area. When cracks are filled by a professional, the epoxy is less noticeable, but it may still be seen. If you don't want any signs of the repair to mar your windows, then you may prefer to have the glass replaced instead. The repair professional can help you decide what to do.

How A Glass Pane Is Replaced

The method for replacing a glass pane depends on the type of window you have. Some panes can be replaced without having to remove the sash. However, the repair professional may need to take the sash out to make it easier to the glass out and the new glass installed. 

In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the sash and take it to a residential window glass repair shop to have the work done or to order a new sash kit. This might be necessary if the glass has a custom shape or uncommon type of glass.

If the sash has to be removed and taken to the shop, the repair professional will board up your window to secure it until the glass can be replaced.

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