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Glass Shower Enclosures? The Obvious, And Not-So-Obvious, Benefits

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What are the benefits of glass shower enclosures? You're ready to remodel the bathroom. But you're not sure whether to stick with a tub, try a tub-shower combo, or select a glass stall enclosure. Before you finalize your renovation plans, take a look at the reasons to choose a glass model. 

The Obvious Reasons

There are a few obvious benefits of a glass enclosure. If you've already started to explore the enclosure options, it's likely that you may have stumbled upon some of the most common reasons to select glass. But if you're new to shower and bathroom design, you may need to learn more about these top benefits of glass:

  • Additional light. An opaque curtain won't let light into the shower area. This can make the bathroom appear dim, dull, or drab. If you want to easily brighten the space, a translucent glass option is your best bet.

  • Additional space. While glass enclosures don't provide additional square footage, these shower doors give the illusion of extra area in a cramped bathroom. 

  • Additional design options. Custom glass enclosures can fit almost any space. This allows you to choose from design options that you might not have with stock doors or a standard shower curtain.

Now that you know more about the top, or most obvious, benefits of glass, you're ready to explore the lesser-known reasons to choose this type of shower enclosure.

The Less Obvious Reasons

Even though these reasons are less obvious than additional light, space, and design options, they're equally as important. If you're still not sure whether a glass enclosure is the right choice for your renovation project, consider these lesser-known benefits:

  • Durability. Glass may seem fragile. But the type of tempered safety glass used for shower enclosures is a durable building material that will stand the test of time. 

  • Easy to clean. A frameless enclosure won't have the added metal tracks, curtain rods, or curtains to clean. With a squeegee and a few minutes of time, you can keep your frameless shower enclosure clean and pristine.

  • Modern look. Is your bathroom outdated? Framed shower doors have an '80s style and shower curtains may look even older. A frameless enclosure is a modern style that adds to the aesthetics of the room.

Along with these benefits, glass enclosures can add to the value of your home. You could recoup more than 56 percent of your initial remodeling expenses with a bathroom renovation project. Add in the contemporary look of a glass enclosure and your investment could pay off if you decide to sell your home in the future. 

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